Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

So what is this about?

Essentially, the other day, I went for a run. Feeling virtuous and healthy, I tucked into a reduced fat small sausage roll from Sainsbury’s. I checked the ingredients out of interest … there, plain to see, was palm oil. In modern parlance, that’s a fail. I sighed, felt awful, and ate the sausage roll.

At this point, I decided I wanted to go for a week, or maybe a month, without knowingly consuming palm oil, and blo about the experience. Habitat destruction due to palm oil cultivation is the single biggest threat to orangutan habitat, leading almost to the species’ extinction. More to come on this in future tweets.

But now I have realised this is going to be difficult. Palm oil is not always labelled as palm oil. Ingredients are not always easy to read. Companies and corporations are somewhat coy about their processes, in fact some are just downright hard to get hold of in the first place. Sustainable palm oil is an aspiration but is it a reality?

Ultimately I know more about this issue than many. As a conservationist passionate about orangutan survival I have researched around the issue for a long time. I have tried in the past to check my ingredients, although it is easy for things to “slip through the net” as the sausage roll incident shows.

But as a relatively interested and educated person on the subject, certainly even I am going to find this difficult. Just how can we got palm oil free, and be certain that we are doing so? If I am going to go for even a week without consuming palm oil, how long will it be before I am confident in my sources of information that I am definitely doing just that?

That’s what this blog will be about – please follow me, interact with me, and help me!

One Response to “So what is this about?”

  1. Good job, I know you have been going on for a while but I am also starting to do it…

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