Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

Answers please …

Well this is where my blog gets difficult. I’m more at home researching or publicising issues related to palm oil and orangutan conservation. Stories, articles and developments, sometimes optimistic but often ranging from frustrating to disastrous. But my decision here was to focus on going palm oil free. Be the consumer and see the options and difficulties in going palm-oil free.

And here’s the hard bit. Before I even started I have contacted Sainsbury’s, my local supermarket; Domino’s, my regular takeaway, and Starbuck’s, my lunchtime haunt. In all three cases I wanted confirmation as to whether or not palm oil is used in their food products (and, in Sainsbury’s case, cosmetic products). All of these were contacted 2-3 weeks ago.

Says Sainsbury’s: “To enable us to deal with your query as quickly as possible, please complete all fields, then click the submit button where an email will be sent with your details to our Customer care department.” All very well, what is “as soon as possible …”? A follow up e-mail or phone call must be next, watch this space.

Says Starbuck’s: “We’ll do our best to reply as quickly as possible.” Hmm, see above.

Says Domino’s: “We’ll reply within 30 minutes or your pizza is free”. OK, so that’s a lie in an attempt at a funny line. But once again, no response yet. Domino’s has a few e-mail options (comments, concerns, pr, etc.) so perhaps a new tack is needed.

Proof as if it were needed that making consumer choices based on palm oil free content is going to be interesting. I don’t have a timescale yet for when my guaranteed palm-oil free week (or more) will be, but I will have to set a deadline soon. Corporations, pull your fingers out please!

One Response to “Answers please …”

  1. It seems, on re-researching Domino’s, that we have the all-clear!

    Click to access FoodGuide_IngredientsPizzaBasesAndToppings.pdf

    That’s tomorrow’s dinner taken care of. Good news and surprising news as I have found Sainsbury’s pizzas to contain palm oil. Maybe there is hope …

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