Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?


So here’s a post about the UK’s favourite chocolate manufacturer, Cadbury’s. Friend of  gorillas the world over (yes, they did *that* viral advert)

Over the last 48 hours or so I’ve a heard a lot from friends and other campaigners in New Zealand and Australia. There is outrage that Cadbury’s are downgrading their chocolate in four ways

  • a 20 percent downsize from 250g to 200g
  • a 5 percent drop in cocoa solids from 26% to 21%
  • the inclusion of nasty vegetable fat as a filler
  • a downgrade of everything but the price
  • And what is the “nasty vegetable fat”? It’s palm oil. Of course it doesn’t say palm oil on the wrapper, but there’s no doubt that’s what it is. Many are outraged for all the reasons above. If you are not aware of the effect palm oil use has on rainforests and orangutan habitat, then you can at least be outraged that the chocolate is smaller, more of a rip-off, and not as chocolatey. Many have commented that compared to before, it tastes crappy.

    Perhaps this is an alternative way to campaign? If the downsides of palm oil are publicised as leading to orangutan extinction, well that’s bad. It upsets animal lovers and greenie types. But if it means that chocolate starts to taste “crappy”, well that will upset a whole load more people.

    Unfortunately for me (and very unfortunately for orangutans – sorry, I can only see it that way), a little further research suggests that Cadbury’s in the UK have been doing this since 2004 anyway.


    Yes, Cadbury’s claim to be active in the RSPO and proponents of sustainable palm oil. Time and again though we see this as a backup … an excuse for corporations to be able to use palm oil as they please. To all extents and purposes sustainable palm oil does not exist yet.

    There are other brands of chocolate out there which are guaranteed palm oil free. Ironically Green & Blacks, the premier example in the UK, has now been bought out by Cadbury’s, which presents somehwat of a dilemma. Looks like I have more research on my hands!

    I just have to post this link again. The best example in mainstream media of exactly what palm oil is doing to orangutan habitat …


    I don’t like crappy chocolate either, but the article above is why I do this.

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