Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

Whole Earth Foods

Sounds great doesn’t it? Whole Earth Foods – Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter. No added sugar, all natural ingreadients.

I’m a green consumer, I’m a runner too (well I’m struggling, but that’s a whole different blog), so I’d choose the greener, healthier sounding option for my peanut butter bagels. I would be drawn to Whole Earth Organic Crunchy peanut butter over the processed Sun-Pat alternative or own brand.


Just three ingredients. In order of content: Peanuts, palm oil, sea salt.

Yes, it claims sustainably-sourced palm oil, but that is just a get-out clause. Proof that “green” and “organic” alternatives do not mean palm-oil free.

6 Responses to “Whole Earth Foods”

  1. The palm oil in this pb disappoints me as well. There is actually no need to an additional oil -when smashing up peanuts there is enough oil.
    Have you had any success finding a palm-oil free peanut butter here in the UK? Meridian also contains the bad stuff.

    • Actually, I gave you the wrong information! We had a tub of Meridian and it tasted good…we haven’t purchased any again and I couldn’t remember why. I cannot find the empty tub right now but I just checked online and it *does not* contain palm oil. (The only down side is that the large tub is a non-recyclable plastic. )

  2. I’ve been posting regularly on Whole Earths website about their use of Palm oil as i agree that their ‘whole earth’ ‘ethical’ image is a farce when they use palm oil in their products. They just get back to me with the same old bland answer of ‘talk to our customer service team’. I’ve tried to have it out with them a number of times but they feed my the same old nonsense of it being ‘sustainable’ and RSPO certified. I know sustainable palm oil is an oxymoron and that the whole RSPO certification thing doesn’t work as i’ve visited Indonesia and spent time with an NGO which is fighting against the spread of palm oil and destruction of rainforest. Is there any facts and figures i can quote them about why it doesn’t work, so far i’ve just spoken to people in Indonesia about it but it would be great to be able to feed ‘Whole Earth’ some hard facts about why being RSPO doesn’t mean it is ok! They even tried to tell me palm oil helped communities! They obviously haven’t witnessed the destruction first hand!

  3. Boycot the lot of them. Whatever Oil they choose to use they are adding to the problem. It has to be mass grown somewhere and wherever that is will be damaging the environment. It may help communities in the short term, but the resulting erosion of top soil will mean the land will become barren and fit for nothing…oh, apart from solar panels!!! I love peanut butter and have just eaten Whole Earth PB. Reading the label it says “responsibly sourced”…wherever that means….a loophole no doubt. I suggest making your own – after all it’s just peanuts and salt. Whatever we buy, the same thing applies..eat homegrown, locally produced food and stop adding to the problem. If you are not prepared to do that, it seems, to me anyway, a waste of time choosing an alternative PB. We need to make some very large changes to our consumerist culture. I will make some and if it’s good I will let you know. 😉

  4. From The Guardian on line:
    10 Things you should know about Sustainable Palm Oil
    copied and pasted for your information. Interesting..Boycotting is no good after all. Please read as it’s a valid point.

    9. Consumers should not boycott palm oil
    They should boycott unsustainable palm oil. McCoy says: “Palm oil is an incredibly high-yielding vegetable oil, which means that anything replacing it will have to use more land – that does not solve the issue of deforestation and associated land use change. Better to get palm oil production ‘right’ to avoid leaking the issue elsewhere to another commodity.”

  5. Please read this if your interested in what type of Palm Oil we should be consuming. There is nothing wrong with sustainable palm oil, which is what Whole Earth use in their products that contain it. http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/footprint/agriculture/palm_oil/solutions/roundtable_on_sustainable_palm_oil/

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