Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

Not just orangutans …

I’ve made it pretty clear that my overwhelming motive in investigating the use of palm oil is the preservation of orangutan habitat.

Well that’s not everyone’s cup of tea – it may well not be such an incentive for people to think twice about what they consume.

Palm oil is not restricted to Indonesia and Malaysia. Other tropical regions, consisting of countries in Africa and South America as well as Asia, are also increasing producers of palm oil. Other primates are in just as much danger in other regions.




The fact is that greed and profit are the driving factors behind unsustainable palm oil production across the world. We think of blood money in Colombia and we think of drugs, not palm oil. Sometimes whichever primate gets in the way of expansion and profit has to pay with their life.

One Response to “Not just orangutans …”

  1. “EVERYTIME” we buy a product with PALM OIL in it , WE ARE CONTRIBUTING TO THIS:
    If we as a consumer write/call these companies using Palm Oil,and question why, maybe the pressure will make the companies rethink or look for alternatives to Palm Oil.
    Cookes, Crackers,Granola Bars (like Kashi),Candy, Chocolate Bars, they have Palm Oil in them. Do yourself and the endangered Orangutans a favor. Check ingredients, call and question the companies about their use of Palm Oil. And by all means : Spread the Word! We cannot afford to lose our Rain Forests or have the endangered wildlife that live in these regions killed and slaughtered. Kraft Foods,Christie,Neslte, Cadbury and many others need to hear from us. And maybe then , there will be a change!!

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