Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

RSPO – part one

I’ve mentioned the RSPO a lot in passing. The RSPO is the RoundTable for Sustainable Palm Oil. There’s a link to it at the side of this page. Or, if I change the theme around of this blog, somewhere else on this page.

It’s probably more important than anything else on this blog. It’s an organisation set up in Malaysia in 2004 for signatories to commit to using only sustainable palm oil.

Some of the UK’s biggest companies (and biggest offenders, see the black list) have signed up. Along with those major grocery suppliers, the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and major supermarkets have also signed up. For what it’s worth, Sainsbury’s among UK supermarkets took the lead and Tesco dragged their heels, which is why this blogger drives 10 miles to his nearest Sainsbury’s and avoids the two nearer Tesco’s.

Ultimately, the RSPO, or any other equivalent, has to be the answer. If palm oil is produced universally and sustainably then we can use as much as we want in whatever products we want.

Of course, there’s a “but”. The RSPO is a fledgeling organisation that doesn’t really do its job on a large enough scale yet. It’s one thing for it to take time but the corporations should acknowledge that. Instead,  companies justify using palm oil by muttering something about the RSPO, and that allows them to continue using it (yes, you Cadbury’s and all the others).

Even the UK government’s official response to petitions relating to palm oil use is the same thing –


More on this to follow.

One Response to “RSPO – part one”

  1. For anyone not sure that what they are buying is Palm Oil free. Call or email the company. You can usually find a toll free number on the package, or email address. Ask for a simple answer. Does this product contain Palm Oil? If they tell you yes, ask if it is sustainable. If they tell you that they belong to the Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil…then ask them this….DO YOU PRACTISE IT? Alot of companies are members , but still buy Palm Oil derived from Wild Rain Forests. And whats worse is all the logging companies. They too are helping to destroy the Rain Forests, by clear cutting and kiliing the Orangutans and other Wildlife that get in their way! If the company cannot commit to an answer, then they really do not have whats best for the consumer & world at heart. Not that that is a surprise, but maybe enough public outcry will be.

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