Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?


So what are the challenges of being a palm oil martyr? On a basic level, when you’re standing in the supermarket aise or rifling through your fridge, it’s labelling.

Or, if like me you are reaching a certain age, it’s your eyesight.

The more ingredients your processed food has (and therefore possibly the higher the likelihood of palm oil content, though Whole Earth Peanut Butter disproves that theory), the smaller the writing. Sometimes it’s just not possible to see.

Before I knew about Nestle’s position on the black list I had a kit-kat in the fridge left over frmo an easter egg. In all lights I could not read the ingredients.

Tip 1: Wikipedia – common foods have ingredients listed in their wikipedia entries. A downside is that different countries can have different ingredients in exactly the same products.

Tip 2: Multipacks – if you can’t read the label on a small item in the supermarket, chances are you can on a multipack or bigger box. Worked for me with the KitKats anyway

Tip 3: If you’re buying something which you trust is palm oil free, still check from time to time. As my antipodean readers know, just look at Cadbury’s where palm oil is a recent addition. Unfortunately products are adding palm oil that haven’t contained them in the past.

Now there are other labelling issues that I can’t help with yet …

– if the product says “vegetable oil” or “vegetable fat” is that palm oil?

Answer: maybe

– is it possible that there’s no evidence of palm oil in the ingredients at all but the product still contains it?

Answer: maybe

The above two conundrums are simply not good enough and will make my quest of guaranteed palm oil free consumption almost impossible.

Case study for the first example: KitKat – at least if it’s a top 100 brand you can check my black list, and if not then it might need a bit more research.

Case study for the second example: Special K – if the list is to be believed there is palm oil used in Special K but no clue of this on the box. We’ve got little chance here, but in this specific example I’m after clarification from Kellogg’s

So hang in there everyone and thank you to those who have followed my investigations and boycotted palm oil wherever possible!

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