Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

Palm Oil Sonnet

More campaigns, lists, information and questions to follow very soon. But here is a change of pace, I hope it appeals.
Our relatives, orangutans, great apes
In Borneo and Sumatra alone
Are losing homes – there now is no escape
From rainforest destruction, they’ve no home.
Where plantations of palm oil now appear
The apes are slaughtered only for the land
Infants orphaned, traumatized with fear
No longer reaching for their mother’s hand.
Now palm oil is ubiquitous in soap,
And processed foods, but crucially
To be sustainable’s the only hope.
The benefits of palm oil we can see,
A cheap fat – yes it’s healthier than trans-
But what price no orangutans?

The more ways of drawing attention to the issue, however unorthodox, the more attention it will get. Please spread the word!

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