Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

Hollow victory

Some amazing news today. As I started this blog there was a lot of publicity emanating from New Zealand and Australia about Cadburys, their introduction of palm oil and the resultant poor quality of chocolate.

So many Australian and New Zealand friends old and new have been up in arms, have shown interest in this blog and other sources, have campaigned to Cadbury to do something about it …

I first drew attention to it in my blog here: https://nopalmoil.wordpress.com/2009/07/06/cadburys/ in what has since become one of my most viewed items.

And now this:


It really does seem to be a genuine corporate U-turn, based on public pressure from outraged New Zealanders. Following from Auckland Zoo’s high profile boycott, Cadbury’s have listened and pledged to remove all palm oil from chocolate in New Zealand.

So what now for Cadbury? It would seem for everywhere apart from New Zealand, it’s business as usual. In the UK, a far larger market than New Zealand, the palm oil remains where it has done for several years. Cadbury’s remains one of the many large corporations where products are made in different ways, with different ingredients, in different locations.

Cadbury’s have made a small step in the right direction but appear to have made no attempt to redress this situation in its larger markets. What good is a back down in New Zealand if unsustainable palm oil use continues?

Bornean male orangutan

  Bornean male orangutan

Let’s be positive though, great work all consumers, protesters and orangutan lovers in New Zealand. Thank you!

One Response to “Hollow victory”

  1. I should add, that Cadbury’s have contacted me to let me know that this applies to Australia as well as New Zealand.

    Sadly the Aus/NZ branch of Cadbury’s though rightly proud of this U-turn acknowledges that it has little or no influence over other Cadbury markets. But it’s a start …

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