Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?


So after my last post about margarine …

The penny dropped that there was a better potentially palm oil free alternative to spread on my bread or bagels, which stupidly never occured to me before.


I’m not going to go over the health benefits of butter versus margarine, this blog isn’t about that. Suffice it to say that since switching to margarine years ago I’d kind of forgotten that butter existed. But I checked out Lurpak Spreadable. There is a reduced fat version (good) and it’s, er, spreadable (good). Two things that usually draw me to margarine.

A look on the Lurpak website doesn’t give a full ingredient list, but it identifies the vegetable oil which helps spread the butter as rapeseed oil. A further back-up check, the trusty Sainsbury’s own brand copy, since Sainsbury’s can at least be relied upon to call palm oil palm oil. And again, no palm oil in the ingredients.

It’s not a vegetarian solution (but I’m not a vegetarian) and it may or may not fit in with losing weight and running half marathons! But I’ve moved from margarine to Lurpak spreadable butter this week, and in doing so cut out a further source of palm oil. And in true BBC fashion, other spreadable and non-spreadable butters are freely available.

9 Responses to “Butter”

  1. Nice move. Butter is healthier anyway – more natural

  2. So since moving here I have pretty much switched to butter anyway, I don’t really use it that much apart from baking, but still that is what is in the fridge here. I only have standard unsalted butter, it is a pain to spread but worth the effort of remembering to take it from the fridge just for the taste. The other alternative for spreading on bread is a quality olive oil, but I know it isn’t always practical.

  3. When I wanted a palm oil free alternative to Flora, I tried Anchor Spreadable but it’s almost as unspreadable from the fridge as butter! I am currently using Yeo Valley Organic Spreadable which uses butter and sunflower oil. I also recently purchased some Minerva Greek olive spread which is really great and super-spreadable – but I can’t be totally sure it’s palm oil free, one of the ingredients as the Emulsifier is listed as “mono-glycerides of fatty acids” which can be palm oil derived. I’ve e-mailed Minerva to ask them – I hope someone there speaks English as the company is based in Greece!

  4. Butter is not an option for those of us who are vegan. I really, really, really wish the vegan butter substitutes would stop using palm oil. When I do find one, it usually has either some form of dairy and/or Vitamin A palmitate (a palm oil derivative). I don’t understand how a group of people who are all about animal rights can be okay with using palm oil. 😦

  5. […] look into these issues, campaign and blog about them, and even I forgot which butters were OK from earlier in this very blog. So, I have the Sainsbury’s equivalent with no real need to have bought it. Another plus for […]

  6. interesting. Didnt know Lurpak was palm oil free. Been buying butter of late but it is a problem never being spreadable from the fridge. Maybe Lurpak is our ‘salvation’

  7. What a great solution!!

  8. It IS vegetarian…. however not vegan!

  9. Butter is great. I’ve been using butter since I lived in a house share in 1998 – house mates used to steal all my spread. So i got a butter dish and kept it in my room (with my other food). Butter is healthy, OK more fat, but no chemicals, and you know what you are getting. And, so long as it is not kept in the fridge (it doesn’t need to be!) it is totally spreadable.

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