Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

Orange for Orangutans

Apologies for the lack of updates on this blog recently. In the time I’ve been idle there are so many articles about palm oil and its impact on orangutan habitat in the media recently. The most recent Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil has happened in Kuala Lumpur, and many other supporters and bloggers are also doing great work promoting palm oil boycotts and the pros and cons of different multinational companies and their attitude towards the palm oil that they use. I’ve also continued to have much positive encouragement and support about my site and I’m glad it is pointing people in the right direction to make their own decisions. Thank you everyone!

Today I have one simple message which goes to the root cause of why I have this blog set up anyway. Today is Orange for Orangutans day. OK it may not be the most famous or well-known of such causes out there, but why not join in? I have a bright orange jumper (and a bright orange pair of Converses on too) and it may not be to everyone’s taste but it is turning heads. And if people ask you why you are wearing orange or comment on your natty new outfit, tell them why!

Much of what I do, and the support I have, is “preaching to the converted” – ecologically minded people or lovers of great apes who are aware of the palm oil issue and visit or promote my blog so that it gets a wider readership. But every so often someone new will find the message, will not have heard of palm oil or understand my reasons for its boycott, and a new person will then become aware and tell their friends and family. Especially if they have to explain why they are wearing their awful orange Christmas jumper!

The future’s bright, the future’s orange!

2 Responses to “Orange for Orangutans”

  1. I had heard of palm oil but did not realise how widespread it was in the foods we eat and the other stuff we buy. But having watched a tv program a couple of nights ago that said that is was in almost all chocolate, I was shocked and ashamed I didn’t know more. I love Maltesers with a passion, but now could not and will not eat another one until Mars removes the palm oil from all of its products. I want to do my bit – so please keep up the good work and keep on letting us know what products are safe to buy with a clear conscience.

  2. What neat and useful ideas on this website. I am looking for help to develop an orangutan-friendly cookie as a way to promote ideas to help orangutans. I have a book on orangutans coming out in the U.S. in late February 2010. I am also looking for contributors for my website at http://www.a-new-leaf.com

    Shawn Thompson

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