Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

Palm Oil Free Lent?

Last year I wrote a lot about individual products and palm oil content. I learnt a lot and have been able to get a good understanding of the products and brands that contain, or are most likely to contain, palm oil.

But can I avoid it completely? The blog initially set out to do just that. Today is Shrove Tuesday, the last day before Lent. Some people give up chocolate, some alcohol, some coffee … I rather like all three of those things. I am going to do my utmost to give up palm oil.

It won’t be easy. To be honest, with so many products containing it and so much uncertainty over exact ingredients, I don’t think it will even be possible. But follow me and see the issues and difficulties faced on the way. I buy my own groceries but don’t usually have the time or skill to cook from fresh ingredients the whole time, so like most average people I’m going to come into contact with many palm oil products all the time. In addition, I’ll face restaurant and canteen food as well.

I am not including cosmetics in this. I guess it’s quite possible that my shampoos, shower gels and other cosmetics contain palm oil too. That’s another area to work on. But I’m focusing purely on food and drink.

So today I scanned the cupboards for things which have, or probably have palm oil in them

palm oil

I’ve finished the garlic bread and chocolate buttons for my tea, and the rest will need to be consigned to the bin unfortunately. The ban starts tomorrow.

Finally thank you all for your support and comments on the blog while I have been quiet over the months. More detailed and better sites are out there now and I know some great campaigns are out there. People are writing letters and should be proud of the response and pressure we are putting on organisations. I’ll be sure to include and credit many of these issues over the next 40 days.

4 Responses to “Palm Oil Free Lent?”

  1. Well it’s nice to see you posting on here again! I shall watch from a distance with interest and see how you get on!

    Oh, and good luck!

  2. I have tried to be as Palm Oil free as I can for several months now, but still get caught out.

    However, for those little treats, Asda Smart Price dark chocolate seems to be free, but watch out for some of their sweets! Chocolate eclair sweets are a no-no. I stick to Werther’s originals now. I got caught out a couple of times recently through not wearing my glasses while checking ingredients. Giovani Rana fresh egg pasta with bolognese filling – although the packet states traditional recipe, the bolognese contains Palm Oil. Also Stateside thin and crispy pizza, cheese and tomato, the oil lurks in the tomato base.

    Success! I complained to our Asda manager when I discovered Vegetable oil (almost certainly at least some Palm Oil) lurking in the ingredient list of their All Butter Madeira cake. It was removed from the shelves and a report sent to their head ofice. But it just shows how careful you have to be.

    I have lost half a stone in the past couple of months due to the non-consumption of commercial cakes, biscuits, pastries both sweet and savoury and processed foods where PSO is or probably is lurking, in spite of switching from margarine to butter. I make myself or go without. Kerrygold spreadable butter contains NO vegetable oil and is useable in this cold weather.

    Good luck with Lent. You CAN do it.

  3. Thank you!

    Angela – I already have my chocolate treat planned! Green and Blacks gave a detailed reply which I posted earlier as to which chocolate contains palm oil and which doesn’t. If I stay away from butterscotch and Easter Eggs I’ll be fine. And the excellent Chokolit range is all palm oil free, available mail order or from Twycross Zoo!

    My real problem is going to be bread, I’m sure of it. New post going up shortly …

    Thanks for the encouragement and well done you!

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