Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

Day 2 – bagels, takeaways and hot chocolate

Another dilemma – today I had bagels in the freezer. These were fresh bakery-made Sainsbury’s bagels, and I hope that because they were made on-site they don’t have palm oil. But I don’t *know* that.

Here’s the real difficulty. Go to google, run a search on ‘Sainsbury’s bagels “palm oil” ‘. Where does the number one search get you? It gets you to this page – a fine piece of inquisitive journalism by a dapper enthusiastic young primate enthuisast …


So in other words, the main online mention of whether Sainsbury’s bagels have palm oil in, is me mentioning Sainsburys, palm oil and bagels in the same post a few months ago. It staggers me that there’s just no way of knowing!

Today was fine – I still had some eggs and cheese left, and was working from home, so I put the bagels back in the freezer and made another omelette. And if I’m honest, going palm oil free for Lent isn’t *too* difficult if you can avoid processed foods and cook something fresh twice a day every day.

But I can’t do that. Tomorrow (Friday) I am at work for lunch and am a guest of my parents for the evening. In the situations that a busy working single man finds himself, being selective in avoiding palm oil won’t be easy. As you’ll find out between now and Easter …

Weary at the end of the day I scuttled off for a takeaway. I know it’s bad on so many other levels, but I do know that KFC don’t use palm oil (though to be safe I didn’t go for an option with a bread roll). Tired, after an evening of two hours driving through the snow, more hours working on a degree assignment, and a bit of blogging, I turned for a sachet of hot chocolate at the end of the evening.

It’s Cadbury’s, it contains “vegetable fat”. We all know what that probably means. If it weren’t for this campaign I probably wouldn’t have even thought to look 😛

I’ll go without …

One Response to “Day 2 – bagels, takeaways and hot chocolate”

  1. I hate to say it-because you are doing such good work- but what do you think the chickens have been fed on? You need to go vegan like me to truely avoid palm oil

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