Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

Day 3 – Shiny solutions and caramel squares

Today I was at work – no chance to cook, prepare or buy food for myself; at the mercy of the staff restaurant and work colleagues. On a day full of birthdays the office was brimming with biscuits, cookies, breadsticks and cakes, all oozing with palm oil.

Or, so I thought … fortunately for me our local supermarket to work is Sainsbury’s, so palm oil was clearly marked where it occurred. Which left one thing with palm oil noticeably absent – chocolate caramel shortcake squares! Thank you Sainsbury’s for giving me one tasty alternative among the treats.

Even more exciting was the arrival of a brand new gadget to solve my grainy problem … a bread maker! Tonight’s dinner, courtesy of my mother, was a gorgeous chilli served with fresh, crusty, palm-oil free bread. Gorgeous.


One Response to “Day 3 – Shiny solutions and caramel squares”

  1. You’ll love it – I’ve got a breadmaker and the smell that fills the house when it’s on is almost as good as the bread itself!

    Good for you!

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