Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

Day 6 – Flapjack and Panorama

Has a website or blog post ever been entitled “Flapjack and Panorama” before?

If you are reading this in the UK and it’s 8:30pm, please stop. Watch Panorama. The documentary promises to be the most high-profile prime time exposure yet to the issue of palm oil. I hope it gives some further explanation as to why I am doing this and publicising what I am doing

Dying for a biscuit

If you have missed it or would like to know more, please consider the BBC iPlayer.

Back to today – a day in the office left me with the mid-morning snack dilemma. With so many cereal bars, crisps and chocolates swimming in palm oil, once again I was drawn towards the flapjack. Chances are, if I were buying a flapjack packaged from a shop, it would contain palm oil too. However, even I know that it’s a relatively simple (if not healthy!) thing to make.  And delicious too!

Thankfully I spoke to the dinner lady (what’s the right word for someone who prepares and serves food at the staff restaurant? That seems wrong …) who has not only promised me they are made on-site using a simple recipe, but even shared the ingredient list and recipe with me! She could have inadvertently caused a drop in her own profits there, but the main thing is they are cooked with butter and not margarine, and completely free of banned ingredients


So here’s a shot of the work flapjack in all its glory, taken from my photo a day for 2010 blog

2 Responses to “Day 6 – Flapjack and Panorama”

  1. Well I watched the programme with interest – I’ve followed you and your blog for a while now, and been aware of the ‘palm oil’ issue but really only through you.

    The pictures and the scenarios they portrayed last night on Panorama were heart breaking – and it’s given me the shove I need to change the way I shop!

    So thank you for the information and entertainment which your blog provides – please keep up the good work – I’m relying on you!

  2. I’ve added your site to my post below, where anyone who missed the Panorama programme can now download it.


    Keep up the good work 🙂

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