Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

Day 7 – Pizza, chips … and thank you

Today I had to go for quick easy food. Going palm oil free would be easier if I could prepare fresh food every day, but we can’t expect everyone to have that kind of lifestyle. I, for one, don’t. As I went to my local corner store, I was faced with the awkward dilemma of supermarket or chip shop!

Fortunately, my local supermarket/corner shop is the excellent Co-op. I bought (and have since consumed!) a packaged fresh pizza, which, unlike all other supermarket offerings I have noticed, apart from the pricier Pizza Express range, does not contain palm oil.

But what to have with it? Chips? Garlic bread? Potato waffles? All, in their processed form, contained palm oil. Thankfully, I resolved this dilemma by having a sufficiently large pizza that I didn’t need accompaniment.* But it’s so often the way that if you think of a way round what you are having for your meal, you also have to think about its accompaniment – it’s so easy to fall down on something small.

The thank you is to all of you who watched yesterday’s Panorama: Dying for a Biscuit. If the number of hits is anything to go by, then interest in my blog has soared, through the high profile that this issue was given on the BBC yesterday. I hope all new visitors, many of whom were searching for palm oil free products while the programme was airing, will be inspired to do the same as me, or at least return to follow my progress and understand the difficulties along the way. It’s so easy to be captivated and inspired to do something one day, and then forget about the issue the next day. But this issue needs continuous attention, until palm oil is sustainably produced and certifiably so, we mustn’t forget the palm oil issue. Orangutan lives depend on it.

When I return, next time I may be more tempted by the chip shop than the Co-op, that remains to be seen. But can I be sure chip shop fish and chips would be palm oil free? As with so many of these things, I will need to research ahead. I think I will probably be OK but I would be disappointed to find out in hindsight that palm oil was involved.

*Just before publishing this post I mentioned my choice of topic to a friend, who replied “You should have got salad to go with it”. I don’t know if that’s a clue to my rushed state of mind, or my not so healthy lifestyle, but I’m ashamed to say I never even thought of that!

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