Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

Day 8 – chips are down

Yesterday, I lingered outside the chip shop for a brief second and wondered if fish and chips from the local takeaway might be a palm oil free option. I should explain for the benefit of my American friends and followers that I’m using the British definition of chips and crisps throughout this blog, though both present palm oil dilemmas of their own …

Well, it didn’t take much googling today to realise that palm oil is commonly used to fry food in a large number of English chip shops. In Scotland, it seems that lard is usually used, but in England it’s likely, though not certain, to be palm oil.

The safest thing, were I desperate, would be to approach the shop itself and ask. But is there any guarantee that the employee would actually know? And how suspicious would I seem if I quizzed an establishment on their ingredients and even asked to be taken into the kitchen to see for myself?

Still – an alternative is at hand. It’s not exactly the same thing, but this lunchtime, after deciding that the takeaway would not be a viable option for tonight, I looked in vain hope at a bag of Sainsbury’s “Be Good to Yourself” Oven Chips in the freezer, expecting to find palm oil prominent in the ingredients. However, there were only two ingredients: potatoes and sunflower oil.

Having now looked at other brands at random, it seems that some other brands have the same ingredients (e.g. McCain’s, other lines of Sainsbury’s) but not all (Aunt Bessie’s is ambiguous). So if you want a different line or a different brand, check the labels!

Tonight, in fact right now, I shall feast on sausages and chips!

5 Responses to “Day 8 – chips are down”

  1. Hi again

    I advertised the Panorama programme – and your blog – on an internet site I frequent. Got a lot of comments, far more than when I brought up the subject several months ago. People asking for lists of palm oil free food I had found.

    Here’s something else to go with your chips. Sainsbury’s Good for You Cod loin in breadcrumbs. Very nice it is too. The breadcrumbs were actually edible instead of the normal soggy mess.

    I read somewhere that Walkers crisps are safe – but don’t take my word for it.

    • Rapeseed oil, yes.

      Many moons ago I contacted Cauldron foods and brought them to task about use of palm oil. (I had liked their Falafel) They gave me the “sustainable” reply and I told them to look up what that actually meant.

      Bought some Cauldron Falafel today after checking the ingredients. Yeah! Sunflower oil! Thank you Cauldron.
      I write to companies to say Thankyou if I find a product without Palm oil.

  2. Thank you! I’d assumed that anything processed in batter or breadcrumbs would be no-go, so that’s a great find! And I can check it out and verify it on the Sainsbury’s website too – I see it uses rapeseed oil instead. Do you mean this one?


    As for Walkers crisps I didn’t know about that, but I have found that the “Baked” range are safe. They’re also much lower in fat and I prefer them

    I decided today that I need to put a list of good alternatives on this site, things I’ve found that are OK across all the categories. I plan on doing that around the weekend – keep following and thanks so much for your support and publicity of this issue.

  3. […] should otherwise be due to the need to vigilantly check labels) I did what I didn’t do on day 8. I went into the fish and chip shop next door, still looking for that treat. There was no queue, so […]

  4. What to know about fats. Try the diagram on this link. may need to press show under .Natural sources. You will notice food listed with fats :saturated , monounsaturated and polyunsaturated . unfortunately they left out parma oil. and remember canola ( rapeseed oil ) . What i do is compare the good oil and food again what i know as bad.


    Harj Sangha

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