Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

Day 10 – be prepared

Today was a long and busy day. Up at 6:15 and in the office early, I was going to put my palm oil free destiny in the hands of either Sainsbury’s or the staff restaurant.

As the morning drew on, it was clear my lunchbreak would only be 20 minutes, and so I went to the staff restaurant. Unfortunately the baked potatoes, the salad and the pasta had all gone, with just a few sandwiches left and some cold curly fries. I know the bread was processed, and my chance for a palm oil free lunch had gone.

Well not quite – I settled on the largest available piece of home-baked flapjack and a packet of baked Walkers Crisps.

Don’t do as I do and skip or skimp on lunch – anyone can go palm oil free if they don’t eat! But this will be a one-off for me. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t do missing meals! The motto is to be prepared, next time I’ll be sure to prepare my own lunch, or take my lunch longer and earlier if at all possible.

Fear not, I’ve made up for it with second helpings of home made Thai chicken and cashew nut curry this evening!


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