Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

Day 13: Palm oil free day out

It’s one thing checking out food and labels from the supermarket and maintaining palm oil free food at home. But on Saturday I was out for the day. Suddenly snacks and lunches become very difficult. For snacks, almost all crisps, chocolate, cakes, cereal bars or biscuits from the supermarket will contain palm oil. And for lunch, any bread, rolls, ciabattas and panini are likely to have been produced away from the location and contain palm oil.

So, in my day out in Hay-on-Wye, research ahead was needed. Lunch was safe – a baked potato, but I always knew that my favourite coffee shop – Shepherd’s, in central Hay-on-Wye, needed checking out.

A quick e-mail confirmed that their signature ice-cream, made from sheep’s milk, contains no palm oil. And for getting back to me so quickly and helpfully, I promised http://www.shepherdsicecream.co.uk/ ice cream and coffee shop both my custom and a plug. Both now duly done!

Ice cream

And thankfully, as a major low-fat constituent of my diet, black coffee is, and always will be, palm oil free

7 Responses to “Day 13: Palm oil free day out”

  1. Here’s another item for your store cupboard. Real mayonaise, Real being the brand name. It is made with organic sunflower oil and a bit pricey (£1.64 for a not very large jar in Asda) but it is the only Palm Oil free salad cream or mayo I have found. Tastes good too.

    My sister sent me some Junket tablets from Canada. Remember Junket? A guaranteed “safe” pudding and quick to make. Unfortunately you have to add your own flavouring these days, but most people have vanilla in the cupboard if nothing else.

  2. Whoops! My mistake. The product is called “Simply Delicious” original organic mayonnaise and was £1.48 for a 180ml jar. My comment on the edibility remains unchanged. Definitely tastes good. Neither too bland nor too vinegary.

    • In fact, I have Sainsbury’s own brand reduced fat mayonnaise, and that seems to be palm oil free.

      The vegetable oil ingredient (second by volume in the ingredients list, not surprisingly) is rapeseed oil. So although it’s not organic and probably not as nice quality as yours, I think it’s OK and easily available too.

  3. Thanks Angela – really appreciate the advice!

    It sounds stupid to admit, but I don’t think I even considered mayonnaise! Thankfully I don’t *think* I have eaten any this lent, but I have bought some to make tuna mayo for baked potatoes, I just haven’t got round to making any yet I’ll have to triple-check the ingredients now, it certainly wasn’t the mayonnaise you mentioned.

    It goes to show that it’s a two stage process, first thinking of the possibility that palm oil is in the particular food, and secondly researching and checking for its presence. Really appreciate your help.


  4. Hey guys! Just a thought. Wonder why there’re lots of food items containing palm oil? Because 1. it’s cheap! because labour is cheap. because palm oil are planted by poor farmers and palm oil has helped them elavate poverty 2. it truly is nutritious! it has lots of antioxidants, vitamin E, rises LDL, lowers HDL, and transfat (no 1 killer in the US) free! 3. It is the biggest carbon sink crop as compared to other crops like soy, rapeseed and corn! it takes 10 times more deforested areas to plant soy as compared to planting oil palm. I believe you’re probably a high school kid since you’re so naive in trying to be palm free and stupid enough to be fooled and mislead by the NGOs that hated palm oil that uses green issues as trade barrier, I’m going to make it simple for you. If oil palm produces 1 tonne of oil in 1 acre of land, soy need 10 acres of land to produce 1 tonne of oil. How environmental friendly can you get? It absorbs around 200 million carbon per year which off sets the 100 million carbon from eating hamburgers!

  5. sorry, it’s supposed to be rises HDL, lowers LDL. these areproven scientific studies! http://www.mpoc.org.my/Palm_Oil_Claims.aspx Find everything you need about palm oil here.

    • Thank you for those well-reasoned facts about palm oil. From the Malaysian Palm Oil Commission. Mission: To promote the market expansion of Malaysian palm oil. That’ll be unbiased then.

      Sadly you’re wrong – I’m not a high school kid. Back in the time when I was, percentage forest cover in Indonesia and Malaysia was much higher, and so was the population of orangutans. One of the major contributing factors to this has been the often illegal clearing of forests for palm oil plantations. Fact.

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