Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

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Day 2 – bagels, takeaways and hot chocolate

February 19, 2010

Another dilemma – today I had bagels in the freezer. These were fresh bakery-made Sainsbury’s bagels, and I hope that because they were made on-site they don’t have palm oil. But I don’t *know* that. Here’s the real difficulty. Go to google, run a search on ‘Sainsbury’s bagels “palm oil” ‘. Where does the number […]

Palm Oil Free Lent?

February 16, 2010

Last year I wrote a lot about individual products and palm oil content. I learnt a lot and have been able to get a good understanding of the products and brands that contain, or are most likely to contain, palm oil. But can I avoid it completely? The blog initially set out to do just […]