Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

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Day 16 – a transgression?

March 4, 2010

It was Tuesday – feeling virtuous, I put the breadmaker on for my palm oil free fresh “homemade” bread, went for a run, and came back to tuck into my bread with peanut butter. Until now I’ve extolled the virtues of SunPat peanut butter, the only main brand in the shops clearly labelled with no […]

Whole Earth Foods

July 12, 2009

Sounds great doesn’t it? Whole Earth Foods – Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter. No added sugar, all natural ingreadients. I’m a green consumer, I’m a runner too (well I’m struggling, but that’s a whole different blog), so I’d choose the greener, healthier sounding option for my peanut butter bagels. I would be drawn to Whole Earth […]

Case Study: Nutella and peanut butter

June 20, 2009

This is not a post about my favourite milkshake flavour. Though it could be! More a case study about Nutella, the quite gorgeous chocolatey spread from Ferrero. So here is a first case study showing the dilemma of palm-oil free shopping. A few days ago I took this photo – just for fun, showing the […]