Going palm oil free
Is it possible to completely avoid palm oil?

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October 21, 2009

So most of my blog so far has been about supermarket shopping. But what of food we consume out of the home? Focusing today on Starbucks – not because it is a huge food retailer, but because it is a huge retailer, and my personal hangout of choice. Love them or hate them, they are […]


July 28, 2009

OK – palm oil is everywhere but I keep coming back to chocolate. Perhaps in the same way that my focus on saving¬†orangutans is focusing on just one charismatic indicator species of a larger problem (mass extinctions, from climate change and human induced habitat loss), then chocolate is my “charismatic indicator species” of the palm […]

Answers please …

July 2, 2009

Well this is where my blog gets difficult. I’m more at home researching or publicising issues related to palm oil and orangutan conservation. Stories, articles and developments, sometimes optimistic but often ranging from frustrating to disastrous. But my decision here was to focus on going palm oil free. Be the consumer and see the options […]

It’s not just supermarkets …

June 22, 2009

I’m conscious that this blog could just end up posing more questions than answers. But it’s not just packaged supermarket goods that form part of my weekly diet. There’s no ingredients list in cafes, restaurants or deli counters. This is where it goes from tricky to trickier. At Sainsbury’s I have failed with packaged sausage […]